Workshop on Correlated Extremes at Columbia University

This workshop aims to bring together a broad and diverse range of climate scientists, societal-impacts researchers, and policymakers to establish what is currently known about correlated climate extremes, and to forge promising new paths. These include a wide array of events: those which are extreme in multiple variables ('compound'); those which are simultaneous but separated in space ('concurrent'); and those which impact the same location sequentially or persistently. By providing a broad survey of these developing lines of research from the dual perspectives of climate science and social science, a key goal of this workshop is to expand and integrate the community of researchers and practitioners becoming interested in spatiotemporally correlated extremes. It will have a special focus on novel and interdisciplinary work. The workshop will be organized into sessions of ~6 talks followed by plenty of time for discussion (panels, small groups with guiding questions, and unstructured). There will also be an introductory evening panel and afternoon poster sessions. Registration is now open at this link. Abstract submissions are open until February 11, 2019 at this link. Please see our website at for more information.