Dissemination of identification of DAMOCLES Stakeholder Network

DAMOCLES COST Action on Compound Weather Events aims to establish and coordinate a network of previously unconnected communities including climate scientists, hydrologists, impact modelers, risk modelers, statisticians and stakeholders. WG 2 connects the scientific network developed through the Action with a network of stakeholders for whom Compound Events are important in decision-making. One of the first activities is to identify the stakeholder network already present in the action and to supplement this to match the action’s scientific modeling expertise. In this presentation the identified stakeholder network of the DAMOCLES will be presented with the aim to continue the discussion of the Prague and Berlin meetings on how to foster collaboration within our COST Action. Bio: Dimitra Theochari is an architect and landscape architect with international experience in Nature-based Solutions projects of different scales the past eight years as part of Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl and Turenscape with more than 55 projects in 15 countries. Her research work includes participation in COST Actions and Horizon 2020 programs focused on topics of Circular City, Nature-based Solutions, Urban Agriculture, Restorative Sustainability and Compound Weather Events. Her expertise lies in large scale masterplan implementation of innovative and complex NbS practices in an international context. Currently she works as a project manager at MSB Landscape Architects in Hamburg.